Becoming College Ready

All California resident first-time freshmen admitted to San Diego State University who have remediation needs in English or mathematics will be required to enroll in a program to become college ready in the summer prior to fall enrollment. Participation in a college readiness program is mandatory and required system-wide. College readiness programs are offered at SDSU from early July to mid-August; students should make their summer plans accordingly.
San Diego State University's college readiness program, FAST (Freshmen Academic Success Track), is designed to prepare students to excel in their classes at SDSU. Students with remediation needs who will be attending SDSU in the fall are required to complete the FAST program. Students who will be attending another CSU campus are required to complete the CSU Early Start program, and may do so at SDSU.

Clearing the Requirement

To clear remediation requirements for SDSU, freshmen must present proof of one of the following in English and mathematics:




SAT Reasoning

Score of 500 or higher Critical Reading

Score of 550 or higher Mathematics


Score of 22 or higher English

Score of 23 or higher Mathematics

Early Assessment Program (EAP)

"Exempt" or "Ready for college-level English"
(Score of 1 on the English Language portion)

"Exempt" or "Ready for college-level mathematics course"
(Score of 1 on the Mathematics portion)

EAP Conditional Status

Score of 2 on the English Language Arts portion. Must complete the specific senior English class.

Must complete an approved year-long, senior-year mathematics experience, intermediate algebra, or higher-level mathematics with C or higher.
(Score of 2 on the Mathematics portion)

Advanced Placement (AP) Exam

Score of 3, 4, or 5 on either Language and Composition or Composition and Literature exam.

Score of 3, 4, or 5 on Calculus (AB or BC) or Statistics

College Board SAT Subject Test


Score of 550 or higher SAT Subject Test in Mathematics (Level 1 or 2)

College course (C grade or higher)

English Composition with C or higher grade

Course must be above intermediate algebra level with C or higher grade