Undergraduate Programs

-Bachelor's Degree

Criminal Justice

Students who choose the Criminal Justice major at SDSU study the development, functions, and structure of the criminal justice system and how this system attempts to control crime and delinquency in our society. In the course of study, students gain a more complete understanding of the complex nature of crime, contemporary issues faced by criminal and juvenile justice practitioners, and the effectiveness of the justice system’s efforts to prevent and control crime in American society. The Criminal Justice major will appeal to undergraduates interested in preparing for a career in policing, corrections, law, or a related field; practitioners who are currently employed in criminal or juvenile justice; and individuals who are generally interested in studying how public policies about crime and its control are created and implemented.

*The RN-BS in Nursing Program is for licensed California Registered Nurses, who completed a regionally accredited program.

The Imperial Valley RN-BS in Nursing Program has been available since July 2007. Registered Nurses with either an Associate Degree in Nursing or a Diploma in Nursing are eligible to apply.

Graduates of SDSU School of Nursing hold excellent reputations in the extended medical community. Students are provided opportunities to acquire knowledge beyond licensure to cover concepts in professionalism, assessment, evidence based practice, leadership, community health, and the ability to expand their nursing practice.

The School of Nursing was awarded a HRSA Imperial Valley Consortium-Nursing Workforce Development grant award July 1, 2013. In addition, the School received a President’s Leadership Fund Award December 2015 to open the Imperial Valley Nurse Wellness Center.

International Business

The Bachelor of Arts in International Business is designed to meet the needs of working business professionals and full time students interested in pursuing a degree that enhances their ability to work in both the global and domestic economies. The curriculum is intended to prepare students for careers in business management and administration, as well as support the career development of working professionals. Presently, students are able to specialize in management on the Imperial Valley. Specializations in finance and marketing are available through our study abroad program or through the San Diego campus. Students interested in the finance or marketing specializations should consult with the program adviser in their first semester. Those who successfully complete the B.A. in International Business may be able to complete a Master of Science in Business Administration (MSBA) with a concentration in International business with one additional year of study on the San Diego campus.

(The Spanish major is only open for students who have taken AP Spanish Language and have obtained a score of 3 or higher).

Did you know that Spanish is the fourth most widely spoken language in the world? And that the United States ranks fourth among countries with the highest population of Spanish speakers, with Mexico in first place? To keep pace with the rising national and international importance of Spanish, the Department of Spanish at San Diego State University, Imperial Valley offers ample opportunities to develop a career in Spanish or to acquire a solid background in Spanish that could be extremely useful in virtually all professional areas. At San Diego State University, Imperial Valley students can pursue a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Spanish or a minor in Spanish. In addition, they can enroll in elective Spanish courses and also complete some of the course requirements for the Master of Arts degree in Spanish offered at the San Diego campus.

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